Increase employee satisfaction – remain attractive as an employer and reduce costs

HR-aktiv, which was founded in 2009, offers an innovative survey tool that measures the level of employee satisfaction and presents high-standard results in an amazingly simple way, for each branch or location and each level of management. Numerous companies (see list of references) have already measured their employees’ level of satisfaction using the HR-aktiv survey tool. They are extremely impressed by its easy handling, its excellent performance level and its transparency at a cost of max. 20.–((Einheit)) per employee (depending on the size of the company – see price list). Staff and employee representatives value the tool because it ensures 100% anonymity. The aim of the questionnaire and the resulting measures is to create clarity and win confidence. This is particularly important in difficult economic situations with short-time work, restructuring or even closures. Increases in employee satisfaction benefit both employees and employers by reducing energy and frictional losses. The specific strengths of the HR-aktiv tool are: easy handling, low time and cost levels, clearly presented and meaningful survey evaluation with benchmarks at a click. The survey is carried out on a PC via Internet or on paper questionnaire forms in a choice of more than ten languages.
In addition to the standard questions, each company can include 10 of its own (closed) questions and 4 individual (open) questions.

Your benefits:

The survey and its evaluation are designed is such a way that management and employees can immediately take responsibility for their own “job satisfaction” and that of their team. HR-aktiv gives you a clear picture of how satisfied the employees are in your company. What is the level of satisfaction at which branch? What are the strengths of a particular branch? How can one branch benefit from another? In the long term you also receive a comparison (benchmark) with other companies in your region. The resulting opportunities are diverse and benefit employees, management and the long-term success of your company.

The organisation of HR-aktiv

HR-aktiv Switzerland is the parent company. It is responsible for the survey tool, services, entering the questionnaire data etc.
Austria and Germany are covered by independent franchise holders.

HR-aktiv can be used in different ways:

1. Without outside assistance following a brief introduction
2. With support from your HR-aktiv partner

How can you use HR-aktiv for your company?

Contact your HR-aktiv partner or fill in the contact form.
We will find the closest HR-aktiv partner for you.

How can you become an HR-aktiv partner?

Get in touch directly with HR-aktiv by using the contact form.